Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aaron Rodgers starts his own record label

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is spending his off-season working on a new business venture…Like many athletes before him, he’s trying to break into the music biz…The Packers QB has started his own record label called Suspended Sunrise Recordings…The Label’s latest group called The Make just shot a music video this past weekend. “This is the first step in the process,” said Rodgers. “My business partner and I have been working for a couple of years trying to put this whole thing together. We’re excited about starting the process, to see what happens with this band. Obviously football is my first priority, music is my passion after that.”-T.O

Nice label, fag. When I saw this picture I thought it was an AIDS rally. And Im pretty sure that guy on the right tries to sell me StreetWise in front of the post office every morning. The hipster with the tank top and cuffed jeans pisses me off more than I can put into words and the two guys on the left, well frankly, I wish rape upon them. 

People have said to me that its hard to hate this Packers team..... I really fucking hate those people.

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