Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amsterdam pot shops to be off limits to foreign tourists


  The Netherlands plans to ban foreign visitors from pot shops in a move that opponents have labeled "tourism suicide."
  The Dutch government is trying to stop drug tourism in the country, according to a recent announcement. Under the plan, the "coffee shops" that sell marijuana will become private clubs limited to adult Dutch citizens who have to show proof of ID and become a member to buy marijuana.

  I've been to Amsterdam several times, and the only thing to do their is smoke. Young people from all over Europe travel their for one reason and it ain't Van Gogh's museum.
  This is indeed tourism suicide. This is the equivalent of Las Vegas saying only US Citizens can gamble here. Some people will argue that the young tourists will still visit because of the red light district..... and they are right..... that was the greatest buffet I've ever seen.

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