Friday, June 10, 2011

and it only keeps getting better

Lebron James scored another 2 points in the 4th quarter last night.  But don't worry he was on par with his 4th quarter finals average of 2.2  I did not even have a problem with him until the Bulls series and the subsequent MJ comparisons.  Now I want to see him lose his all his talent ala Space Jam, which is kind of what did happen.

Sweet Jesus a 2.2 finals 4th quarter average.

Also did anyone see Wade and Bron making fun of Dirk for being sick?

Wade and Bron come in at the 1:00 mark

If you guys want to make fun of something make fun of this LeBron.

This guys fucked your mom.  His DICK was inside your MOM

This guy fucked your girlfriend and mother of your 2 children, in Miami.  That's where you live, and he is there to take in the finals festivities, that you are in.  But yet he is fucking your girlfriend.

Its too bad you don't have a sister, cause I heard Tyrone hill is looking for a new cum dumpster and since the women in your life do that so well, I figured you could help him out.

I heard a kid looked at Jordan's wife in the wrong way for a quick second back in the day.  I think his name was Ryan White.

-Les Anderson

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