Monday, June 13, 2011

Buff Bleakley! Christine and Frank Lampard show off their matching muscles as they enjoy romantic Vegas break

By Sarah Bull

Matching muscles: Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard show off their toned bodies as they enjoy a holiday in Las Vegas

She said last year that she was cutting down on her gym workouts because she didn't want to get big muscles.

But, on holiday with boyfriend Frank Lampard in Las Vegas, Christine Bleakley showed off an incredibly lean figure which can only be achieved through regular fitness sessions.

With an enviably flat stomach complete with defined muscles, toned arms and muscular thighs, Miss Bleakley looked like a fitness model as she made her way to the hotel swimming pool for a quick swim.

However, she wasn't the only one, as Chelsea player Lampard also drew stares with his muscular physique.

Miss Bleakley bulked up last year ahead of her Sports Relief challenge which saw her waterski across the English Channel.

She said at the time she wasn't happy with the way her body was changing through the rigorous training.

Buff: Christine looks incredibly lean in her mismatched floral bikini top and magenta bottoms

She explained: 'I don't want to have Madonna arms so I am conscious about not doing more exercise.

'I put on nearly a stone in training for the water-skiing. I couldn't have done it without the training but my muscles were far too big afterwards.'

Miss Bleakley also said she hated her 'legs and bum', adding: 'I think I'm just like everyone, you'd probably change 101 things about yourself.'

But surely she couldn't have found anything to dislike about her incredibly toned figure as she chilled out by the pool with Lampard.

Romantic rendezvous: The pair share a laugh as they bask in the sun at their hotel

Pucker up: The couple's love for each other is clear as they kiss and cuddle in the hotel pool

The 32-year-old presenter wore a mismatched bikini, consisting of a flowered bikini top and pink bottoms, while Lampard wore a monochrome pair of swimming shorts.

The couple were pictured last week kissing and cuddling as they made the most of their romantic holiday.

Miss Bleakley couldn't resist pulling in her beau for a series of kisses as they basked in the sunshine before taking a dip in the hotel pool.

And the feeling was most definitely mutual, as Lampard cheekily kept grabbing his girlfriend's pert posterior as they relaxed at their hotel.

Bikini babe: Christine shows off her slender figure in a navy blue and white polka dot bikini

Come here for another smooch: Christine pulls in Frank for another romantic clinch as they relax on the sunloungers at their hotel

It was reported last month that Lampard is apparently planning a romantic proposal on board one of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's luxury yachts.

Father-of-two Lampard, 32, is preparing to get down on one knee in Sardinia and ask for Miss Bleakley's hand in marriage.

A source said: 'Frank intends to propose in the most romantic way possible. He's got it all planned out. He will spend most of June away with Christine and by the time he and Christine are back in London, they will be engaged.'


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