Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Casey Anthony's Brother Lee Anthony Testifies on The Court About Caylee's Murder Trial

Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony's brother testified Wednesday about a "combative" confrontation between his mother and sister on the night of July 15, just before his 2-year-old niece Caylee's disappearance a month earlier was reported to police.

Lee told jurors in his sister's capital murder trial he arrived at his parents' house after being contacted by his father and asked to go. He said shortly after he arrived about 8 p.m., his mother Cindy Anthony came home, with his sister in tow.

The two were arguing about Caylee's whereabouts, Lee Anthony said. At that point, according to Cindy Anthony's previous testimony, she had not seen her daughter or granddaughter for weeks. She testified she found her daughter only after contacting a friend and being led to the home of Casey Anthony's then-boyfriend.

Casey Anthony kept insisting the little girl was with her nanny, Lee said, and could be picked up the next day. She maintained Caylee was already asleep by that point and she didn't want to disturb her or disrupt her routine.

Lee told jurors he offered to go get Caylee or have his roommate do it. "There was, in my mind, no excuse why anybody couldn't go get Caylee," he testified.


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