Monday, June 6, 2011

Heavyweight Fight at Wendy's

   I love a good fast food fight, mainly because anyone involved is either insanely obese or really really drunk. I can't really make out what they are speaking cause I don't speak jive but I'm guessing this fight is over Wendy's changing their 5 piece nuggets to $1.29 and only allowing spicy chicken nuggets on their $.99 menu. World's biggest injustice in my mind.
   My favorite part is when the Wendy's employee decides this fight is no longer worth breaking up. He finally realized nothing good could come of this situation. Neither chick is hot, so he isn't getting laid by saving one girl from the other and in a worse case scenario, he gets pinned between Precious and the lop-sided boob lady. Its a lose-lose any way he looks at it, so he just heads back to working the frosty machine. That's smarts, people.

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