Monday, June 13, 2011

Here's the best thing a Cubs player did this weekend...

The only thing funny is this lineup. It belongs in AAA. Might be the worst 3-4-5 in the game.

No one expected the Cubs to go into Philly and win the series, and they played as expected I guess. I challenge anyone to name more than 7 players you want on this team going into next year. The only 3 I have for sure are Barney, Castro and Marmol. Then you could make a case for Marshall, Byrd, Garza, and Ramirez. The same way one could make a case for Mark Wahlberg not being a self centered douchebag.

PS-Hendry doesn't need to finish out the season as the GM, if he isn't part of the future, the time to make a move is now before the trade deadline approaches.

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