Thursday, June 9, 2011

I didnt know they had ESPN reporters in the kitchen

Rachel McCoy, who last year married two-time All-American and current Cleveland Browns star Colt McCoy last year, made an apparently unsolicited call to ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd's show Tuesday and spoke for six minutes about boosters and agents. She didn't allege any specific violations and said her husband never accepted any gifts, but said some of his teammates had a more difficult time saying no.

Whoa babe, being hot doesn't give you the right to throw your husbands Alma Mater under the bus.  The last thing Texas wanted was any attention as OSU was getting taken to the shed.  Everyone in country has to know with Texas being the top football program in country, in the most competitive high school football state, in the state most known for it's "the good ole boy" network that The University was trying tip toe out of the room as their brothers get yelled at for fighting. 

Now she goes and shines a light on them, who knows what Texas did to secure recruits or what benefits players got from boosters while at Texas.  Repeat that BOOSTERS from TEXAS.  There may be a mass grave of distracting girlfriends and annoying roommates let alone money changing hands.  Colt should get his wife in the witness protection program ten minutes ago.


-Les Anderson

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