Friday, June 10, 2011

I found a new person at the top of the list of people I hate

An Arlington Heights man who found a bag containing $17,021 near an ATM says he never had the urge to keep it.

Robert Adams was standing Monday at a Chase ATM in Rolling Meadows when he discovered on the sidewalk a clear plastic bag containing receipts, checks and many $20 and $100 bills bound by a rubber band.

“It’s not my money. I shouldn’t take it. I don’t care if you put another zero on there, I wasn’t raised to take money that isn’t mine,” said Adams.

The word “Chase” was on the bag, so Adams carried it inside the nearby branch. But employees told him the money didn’t belong to the bank.

Adams then called police, who along with bank officials determined the money was under the care of Loomis, an armored truck company. Loomis officials have not said whether Adams will get a reward.
“I really don’t know what happens with this situation,” Adams said. AP

Kevin Connely welcome to the #2 spot

-Les Anderson

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