Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jackie Rice' "Sisid" 'Scores High Pilot Rating

Fast-rising Kapuso actress Jackie Rice's first major afternoon series, Sisid, makes a big splash on the ratings game after registering high numbers based on household data from the more widely recognized ratings service Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

The pilot episode of Sisid scored a winning 17.9 percent household rating in viewer-rich Mega Manila, which comprises 58 percent of total television households nationwide. This remarkable lead continued on Tuesday (May 31) with a household audience share of 15 percent, outranking its counterpart program on the rival channel which posted 7 percent share points.

Under the helm of Director Ricky Davao, Sisid tells the story of Eden (Jackie), a woman pearl diver in search for the magical treasure known as "perlante" that she believes would bring her eternal love and heaps of fortune. Joining Jackie in this sweeping drama series are three of the hottest leading men in GMA: Dominic Roco as Sigfried, JC Tiuseco as Ahmed, and Ian Batherson as Dexter.

This week, the drama intensifies as Jackie's character gets caught in a tangled web of forbidden love and forced marriage. Despite the obvious difference in their social status, Eden and Sig (Dominic) continue professing their love for each other unmindful of their parents' strong condemnation.

But Eden's whirlwind romance with Sig turns complicated when she learns that Alona (Alicia Meyer), Sig's scheming mother, starts acquiring all the lands in their island.

How will this turn of events affect the special relationship of Eden and Sig? Will Eden choose to let go of her love for Sig?

Expect more revelations and twists as the drama continues in Sisid weekdays after Nita Negrita on GMA's Dramarama sa Hapon block.

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