Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jason Mraz - Tristan Prettyman Break-up, Confirmed!

Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman, who got engaged in December of last year, have broken off their engagement.

Mraz told The Daily Beast:

My greatest mistake right now is, I’ve been clinging to my art. In that, I have victory for my art and a great loss for my heart. At the moment, my beautiful fiancee is no longer my beautiful fiancee.

In my relationship, I was giving myself away to make the relationship better, but in actuality, wasn’t doing better by doing that. I became less of a man.

We are still super friends, we go to yoga together, we surf together. We acknowledge the journey that each of us is on. We certainly want each of us to feel whole and complete. And it’s when you’re whole and complete that that attraction exists and it really thrives.”

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