Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lock out news - NFL, NBA, My Parents House

NFL - According to Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal, the league is now planning for how pro football would be played with an eight-game season that could start in late November, based on a possible settlement in October that would allow for a free-agency period and training camp. -Now I like college football as much as the NFL, but I don't play fucking college fantasy football so someone better figure this shit out.

NBA - That unknown is just the tip of an iceberg of uncertainty, heading into the offseason of 2011, courtesy of the unsettled collective bargaining agreement between NBA owners and players and a looming lockout set to begin July. - Rumor has it the NBA is ever farther apart on issues than the NFL and that this could last into February if at all resolved.  Seems like a perfect 1/2 season for Miami (or any veteran team) to be able to try hard as shit for half the time and run off with a title if you ask me.

My Parents House - They code on the garage door keypad seems to have been changed. - All I wanted were some of those cashews from Costco and some dry cleaning I left there.

-Les Anderson

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