Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More D-Bags Having Great Weeks

A source at the Cannes Film Festival says the 49-year-old Penn had friends of both the blond and brunette kind in a glass elevator at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes around 4 a.m. [on May 20]. The source tells us that after attending the black-tie amfAR benefit at the hotel and then a private yacht party with Jude Law, Penn returned to the hotel with the two "super-hot" women. The trio then proceeded to the hotel's glass elevator and ascended to one of the three-story property's higher floors.

"They weren't sharing the elevator. They were going up together," our source says.

Penn wasn't going to his room. The actor, who attended the festival with his 17-year-old son, Hopper, was staying on the hotel's ground floor, we hear.

I hate everything about Sean Penn and I guess cheating isnt a good quality, but it is Hollywood and banging 2 young ass chicks after a day on yacht could not sound more appealing. 

Between The Miami Heat and Sean Penn dominating at life, I may start to do and think the opposite of everything I normally would, ala Costanza.  So expect a lot of gay porn and book reviews on this site from here on out.

-Les Anderson

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