Sunday, June 12, 2011

'I never actually met her:' Bret Lockett now admits his 'affair' with Kim Kardashian was purely over the phone

By Daily Mail Reporter

'I've never spoken to him': Kim Kardashian has hit back at claims by NFL player Bret Lockett who says they had a five month affair

Just days after claiming he had a steamy five month affair with Kim Kardashian, American football star Bret Lockett has admitted that he has never actually met the reality star.

The New England Patriots player had previously disclosed that he and the 30-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star had a 'physical relationship.'

But during an interview with HLN's Showbiz Tonight show yesterday the 24-year-old NFL stud revealed that he has never actually met her in person.

'When i said it was a physical relationship I meant there was a physical aspect to the relationship,' Bret said to the show's host during the interview.

'Did i mean that I saw her in person. No.'

He then went on to say the pair exchanged explicit and intimate pictures and messages and that he was introduced to Kim via his brother who was approached by Kim's friend Lauren London.

Getting on with it: Kim arrived at a studio in Sherman Oaks clutching bags of take out food yesterday

After issuing a legal letter demanding an apology from the football star, Kim finally spoke out about claims she had an affair with the NFL player.

The 30-year-old told TMZ yesterday she felt bad for Bret Lockett that he has gone to the lengths he has for publicity.

'It's really embarrassing for him,' Kim said as she left a family dinner in Burbank, California.

When asked if she still spoke to Bret, Kim said defiantly: 'I never have a day in my life'.

Still stylish: Kim looked flawless in thigh high boots and a bright orange top and she continues life as normal

Kim recently got engaged to basketball player Kris Humphries who proposed with a giant $2million ring.

They had been dating for six months before announcing that they planned to get married, reportedly this summer.

But Lockett has refused to back down claiming he has 'concrete proof' of the 'long-distance' relationship, which he says was conducted entirely via telephone.

His alleged evidence includes 'intimate' photos sent by text message, flirty text messages and phone records showing conversations between the two.

Altar bound: Kim recently got engaged to Kris Humphries who she has only been dating for six months

A lawyer acting on behalf of the reality star has sent a stern legal letter to the NFL player warning him of a potential lawsuit if he continued to make the claims.

Despite Lockett's claims he refused to give details on when his 'affair' with Kim took place.

But in a video interview on TMZ he even hinted that he would submit the evidence to court if sued by Kim.

'At the end of the day, Kim knows what happened and I know what happened,' he said.

'Kim can deny this all she wants, but if she wants to go the legal route and start recalling text messages and conversations and pictures and all of that, then that's not a problem.'

InTouch, which reported the claims under the headline: 'Kim caught cheating', backs its claims with a series of relatively harmless undated texts it claims a friend saw on Lockett's phone.

Kim was spotted today continuing life as normal, arriving at a studio in Sherman Oaks, California clutching bags of take-out food.

She looked flawless in black thigh high boots and a bright orange top.


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