Friday, June 17, 2011

Pirates vs Indians

Chris Snyder Catcher Chris Snyder #19 of the Pittsburgh Pirates poses for a photo during photo day at Pirate City on February 20, 2011 in Bradenton, Florida. Subhash Modhwadia

That headline is not what you think, but it may in fact be better.

According to a criminal complaint, Subhash Modhwadia, 44, of Scott Township, followed the wife of Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Chris Snyder into a BP gas station on Banksville Road in Banksville after he said the two almost collided.

But Snyder couldn't do anything because of his recent back surgery.  haha.  So then a passerby got into it with Subhash (whose name is presently being stolen by online gaming stoners everwhere)

“He swung at me a couple of times. I told him, ‘Don’t do it again, or I’m going to put you down.’ And he came over again. I just tripped him up, put him on the ground and held him down.”

While Changle tried to subdue the suspect, police said Modhwadia bit him in the arm.
An off-duty Pittsburgh police officer happened to be driving by and stepped in to help and that’s when, police said, [attacker Subhash] Modhwadia began throwing punches with a key between his fingers.

Jesus a key between the fingers, who is this guy, a Jr high bully?  Got to repect that bite as the guy probably thought the fight was over when he pinned *Sub-hash-911* down, but was sorely mistaken.

He took off his shoe and threw it. Another guy came over and said he was an off-duty cop. He picked him up threw him in the weeds. The (suspect) came back up again. Then the police came and he took his shoe off and threw it at the cop and hit the cop with his shoe,” said witness Chuck Crooks.

Shoe fighting is actually a standard way for Indian people to fight, but thats neither here nor there.  The real story is the professional baseball player who sat in his car while what looks to be a 120 lbs mid 40s indian guy went to town on his car, tried to to attack his wife, and held his own with a random dude and 2 cops.  Then again it did go down at a gas station, so it seems everyone gets home court besides The Heat.

-Les Anderson

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