Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pryor will not return for senior season

 Remember before last year's Sugar Bowl, when Jim Tressel made the 5 players, who admitted to selling their memorabilia to boosters, agree to not enter the NFL draft if he allowed them to play in the bowl game? Well it probably costs Tyrelle Pryor a couple of million dollars. I mean Christian Ponder went in the top 12, so Pryor wouldn't have been too far behind. Now he is looking at the 4th or 5th round in next year's draft according to Mel Kiper.
  Just another shady move by Tressel, who showed he really only cared about himself and his legacy. If he actually cared about his players, he would have told them to do what was best for them and their families. Instead he offered these 21-year-old kids a 'deal'. They play in the biggest game of the year, and he gets his stars back for another run. It was a shady move then and its an injustice now.
  Tressel will get another job, probably for the 2013 season. My guess is he ends up in the SEC somewhere, maybe Georgia. But his players will be the ones affected by his decisions the most. And it's not just Pryor, Dan Herron and Devier Posey would have also been drafted by the 4th round or so. They will all lose millions because they listened to man they thought they could trust.

But the important thing is 'The New U' is ready for a dynasty run of its own.... See you Bitches in Pasadena.

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