Monday, June 20, 2011

Rory vs Tiger

    I hope everyone is ready to be spoon fed this argument by the media over the next couple of weeks. Because without football, the media is going to be dying to find something to talk about this summer. And while there are comparisons between the two. Its not even a conversation worth having until Rory gets to at least 8 major victories. Its funny how he has gone from blowing the Masters and being just another youngster who isn't ready to close championships to 2 months later being compared to the greatest golfer of this generation. (I wonder if Pippen is behind this)

   Listen, I love what Rory did this weekend as much as the next guy, mainly because he gave us small-dicked Irish folk someone to brag about. He played basically as well as a professional can play for four straight days, with incredible pressure upon him. But as far as him being better than Tiger at his age I don't think so.

  I hope he proves me wrong. I hope Rory has that killer instinct like Tiger had. I hope he has the game to win all the major championships. It will take skill, luck and determination to get to double digit major victories. We know he has the skill, and as an Irishman he should have the luck, now we just need to see what kind of drive this kid has over the next 5-10 years. Until then lets just enjoy the ride and quit comparing everyone that has success, to the greats of all time.

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