Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sean Bean continues to dominate

The row began when Mr Bean, 52, and April Summers - a glamour model who is 30 years his junior who had gone to the bar with him - were standing outside, having a cigarette.
Miss Summers – whose real name the Daily Mail understands is Nadia Foster – lives close to Mr Bean in the same area.
According to witnesses, a passer-by then made lewd comments about Miss Summers, a topless model who has appeared in a number of UK lads’ magazines as well as the Italian edition of Playboy.

As a result, Mr Bean followed the man down the road to challenge him.
Later in the evening, Mr Bean went out for another cigarette and was then  attacked by a man.  

The star, who lives close by, was said to have been stabbed in the arm – believed to be with a broken glass - and punched in the face, according to witnesses. Police were then called.
Despite his wounds, Bean refused any medical attention and opted not to go to a hospital.
Instead, the actor accepted a first aid kit from the bar staff, then ordered another drink

If you don't want to read that whole thing I put the important parts in bold

 Sean Bean was a total stud even before this latest incident.  His mix of rugged good looks and foreign accent had me at hello.  Here are some lesser known facts about Mr. Bean

- He was voted the UK's second sexiest man in 2004 - not bad
- He has a tattoo on his left shoulder that reads 100% Blade - awesome
- Interviewers confirm that he is a "man of few words" - of course he is
- He is also a keen gardener, and does both welding and sketching - Jesus, that is a triple threat of hobbies
- Bean has been married and divorced four times - dude can't be tamed

This is the chick he was with when he got stabbed, her name is April Summers, she is a year younger than one of Bean's daughters

-Les Anderson

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