Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sick Flickr page


Im not a 100% on what Flikr is, but I think it is just a place to post and share photos.  Like facebook but not I guess.  Anyway this guy's page is titled "Ballers with Randoms."  Some of these are classic.

I mean that picture of Pau Gasol is what you see when you google "European guy"

Kenny "the Jet" smith holding it down. 
I mean what 24 year old chicks are looking to get a pic with The Jet
Gary Payton, I mean where is this guy getting these pics
Juan Dixon, now we are just getting crazy
I hope that's a relative Redick

While I don't really recommend to leave this site, I highly suggest you click the link I posted above and scan the rest of these pics.  It is a wonder of the world where this guy is getting these pics

For you U of I guys, Deron, Dee and some model
-Les Anderson

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