Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 tonight... yes, they are still playing

              (For only a couple more hours Hawks are reigning Stanley Cup Champions)

The two greatest words in sports are Game 7. And no matter what your feelings are about hockey, the game tonight will be the single best sporting event until college football starts up in September. Let that sink in before we go on.......

Game 7's, especially Finals Game 7s are the most compelling games in sports. And since the NBA only gave us one Game 7 throughout the entire playoffs, I'll have to get my fix tonight. It makes it easier to watch since I hate the Canucks. But for those without a rooting interest, I encourage you to watch the game anyways, since the NFL looks more and more like it wont start until November, and it may be awhile before you get to watch hard hitting action again. And if there is one guy in the NHL that may kill someone in a game, its Boston Bruin forward Milan Lucic....

And if its not Lucic, then its the 6'9'' Zdeno Chara

As long as the Sedin sisters don't win the Cup, Blackhawk fans can enjoy their summer. Sorry for all the hockey talk......... as you were.

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