Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toothless Lowell, Indiana man wants to do porn

T-t-t-today junior.

   First off, cut out the 'moderately good looking' act bro, you and I both know you look like Orlando Bloom...on meth. Which I'm thinking has you in the running for best looking in all of Lowell, Ind. So stop being so self deprecating.
  Secondly, your negotiation skills are second to none. Going from showing your toothless mouth and begging for a job to asking for 20-40k is the right play here. It shows Zachary Briggs is no pushover. I also want to commend you on your ability to be both 5'6'' and 5'10'' at the same time, not a lot of pornstars can do this, and should separate you from the other wannabe adult actors out there.  Godspeed Zachary, godspeed.

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