Friday, June 17, 2011

Yankees-Cubs at Wrigley this weekend

The last time the Yankees were in town the pitching matchups were Zambrano vs Mussina, Wood vs Clemens and Prior vs Pettitte. It was 2003 and both teams were considered serious championship contenders. And Soriano was striking out in pin stripes.

This time around its Garcia vs Davis, Burnett vs Dempster, and Sabathia vs Wells, and only one team is a real contender. So you'll have to excuse me for not dying to get my hands on a ticket this time around.

Wrigleyville is going to be filled with Jeter and Rivera and Rodriguez t-shirt jerseys. There will probably be just as many Yankee fans as their will be Cubs fans at the game. There will be fights...I hope. And their will be annoying chants of "27", the number of championships the Yanks have one since our last championship.

In other Yankees news, Arod got a penile injection before the season started, and they are still trying to get it back out of his ass.

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