Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eddie Vedder "Ukulele Songs" Album Released!

American musician and singer-songwriter Eddie Vedder releases his second album, "Ukulele Songs".

"Ukulele Songs" is a collection of originals, one Pearl Jam song ("Can't Keep") and covers of the 1926 ditty "Tonight You Belong to Me" and the 1931 standard "Dream a Little Dream of Me."

On June 15, Eddie Vedder will kick off a 19-date tour in support of "Ukulele Songs," including July 15 and 16 stops in Seattle. Tickets are sold out instantly in some places.

Eddie Vedder "Ukulele Songs" Track Lists:

* "Can't Keep"
* "Sleeping by Myself"
* "Without You"
* "More Than You Know"
* "Goodbye"
* "Broken Heart"
* "Satellite"
* "Longing to Belong"
* "Hey Fahkah"
* "You're True"
* "Light Today"
* "Sleepless Nights" (featuring Glen Hansard)
* "Once in Awhile"
* "Waving Palms"
* "Tonight You Belong to Me" (featuring Cat Power)
* "Dream a Little Dream"

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