Wednesday, June 22, 2011

130 mph

Police now say Ryan Dunn was going 130 mph in his Porsche when it crashed through 40 feet of trees and burst into flames on Monday morning, killing him and a passenger. From the Chester County Pennsylvania Daily Local:
[Police Chief Michael] Carroll said an accident reconstruction team recently determined the high rate of speed the vehicle was traveling before it collided with a guardrail, landed in the woods and burst into flames about 2:40 a.m. Monday near Pottstown Pike.

"I've never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was even before it caught on fire," Carroll said. "The automobile actually came apart. It was unbelievable and I've been on a lot of fatal accident scenes. This is by far the worse I've ever seen."

That's pretty nuts flying through the woods at 130 mph, it must have looked like you were on Kevin Costner's arrow.

Dunn was a cool dude and good shit, and he went out like a rock star.  How safe did you think these guys were going to be in their day to day lives?  And about the passenger, here are my thoughts; if there are 4 friends drinking and one of them drives and everyone in the car dies it isn't the driver's fault (everyone got in the car full knowing whats up).  And for now, I'm assume the passenger was his friend who was also drunk and well aware of what they were doing.  And if the passenger wasn't drunk why wasn't he driving.

The Scene

-Les Anderson

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