Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Money and Girls, sounds about right

“According to employee payroll data available to the public on the official Auburn University website, 21 current Tigerettes were paid $78,044.26 between Oct. 2, 2009, and May 31, 2011,” the Sports By Brooks report notes. “Five male ‘Tiger’ hosts were paid $6,880.19 during the same period.”

I love it so much, so I’ll be up here until three o’clock in the morning if I need to get something right. I’ll put in extra time,” one of the paid hostesses told The Plainsman. “Pretty much the only time we were at home this weekend was to put our pajamas on and go to bed. -

Most major programs have similar hostess groups, although the NCAA is paying closer attention to their activities in light of the scandal surrounding the Tennessee hostesses.

The hostesses were also urged to inquire as to how official visits to other schools went and to make sure that recruits remained committed to the Vols,” the NCAA alleges.

I bet she put in the extra time to make sure recruits remain committed (wink, *cough* get it? she fucked em *cough*).  And no kidding they got paid a lot.  I assume it costs a lot to have a bunch of white southern girls fuck every 4 star recruit that walks through the doors.

But in the end college recruiting is like anything else.  Controlled by money and pussy.  And old white guys which control the former which in turn controls the latter.

(Also what/who were the 5 male Tigerettes doing?)

"I fucked Katie too, Katie's got some big ass titties"

-Les Anderson

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