Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Greg Oden gets mistaken for Lebron

  No shit you're not good at basketball, Greg. Like every other athlete to come out of Ohio State, you were horribly overrated.

   The list of underachieving athletes from that school is astounding.  From Archie Griffin to Big Daddy Dan Wilkerson to Alonzo Spellman to Andy Katzenmoyer to David Boston to Ted Ginn Jr to Maurice Clarrett to Beannie Wells to Bobby Carpenter to Terrelle Pryor to Vernon Gholston to Clark Kellog to Lawrence Funderburke to Greg Oden to Evan Turner and list goes on and on. I'm sure I forgot some others.. Michael Conley.

All great college players, awful pro players.  The Ohio State University is a professional athlete bust factory.
Let me also say JD Sullinger will suck donkey dick at the next level. He is too slow and too small. He should have went pro this year, becuase next year his flaws will be exposed.

Good talk, see ya out there.

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