Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ahh more Jordan/LeBron/Pippen. Cause Im not over it

Here is a great point range site about MJ's scoring ranges during his career. 

Some highlights:

- In 1251 totall games he only scored less than 10 points 13 times...ever
- He has never scored less than 10 in a playoff game
- He has never scored less than 20 in a Finals game

- Jordan 33.4 a game in the playoffs 6.4 RPG 5.7 APG .487% FGP
- Lebron 28.2 a game in the playoffs 8.4 RPG 7.0 APG .460% FGP
- Pippen 17.5 a game in the playoffs 7.6 RPG 5.0 APG  .444 FGP

So seems to me the only thing Mike did wrong was not shoot enough considering he had the best playoff FGP and never wilted in the spot light.  I mean he never even scored less than 20 in a Finals a game he averaged 41 a game in the 93 finals against the Suns and Barkley one of the NBA biggest stars.

Im going on a shooting spree with this Lebron/Jordan stuff starting with Pippen.  Unless Pippen knew the only way to draw attention to the glaring differences between Bron and Jordan was to say something so crazy people would have to dissect it and that Lebron would falter under the weight of the praise.  We will find out Pip's true intentions when he is tied up in my basement and I'm holding a jagged broom stick.

I can come with more stats later but I have to get lunch outside on this wonderful day

-Les Anderson

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