Wednesday, June 1, 2011

'Balloon Boy' For Sale at $1-Million

The balloon made famous back in October 2009 because the owner, Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi Heene who served 20 days in jail for filing a false report and attempting to influence a public servant, told authorities a lie that their 6-year-old son floated away in that helium balloon only to find out that the boy was only hiding in the family's garage, is now up for sale.

It is currently posted on BalloonBoyFlyingSaucer and the asking price? $1 million.

Richard and Mayumi Heene have made a video saying they'll auction off the inflatable to raise money for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. posted the said video in which the two say they'll work with California lawyer Perry Rausher on the auction. Rausher confirmed to the Coloradoan newspaper that he is working with the Heenes who are not allowed to profit from the balloon incident.

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