Friday, June 10, 2011

Casey Anthony Now Back in Court - 1 Day After She Found Out Caylee's Dead Body was Chewed by Animals

One day after she got ill in the courtroom, Casey Anthony is back in court.

It will be recalled that an unsettled Casey Anthony broke down after hearing that animals chewed on her daughter's bones — the second day in a row the suspected child killer was overcome with emotion in court.

Later, Dr. Jan Garavaglia, the Chief Medical Examiner for Orange and Osceola counties, took the stand in Anthony's murder trial.

Garavaglia ruled Caylee's death a homicide after investigators delivered the child's remains for her evaluation.

Garavaglia just told jurors that she ruled Caylee's death a homicide due to the delay in reporting her missing, her body being left hidden in a field and the duct tape found with her remains.

She said no child's body should be found lifeless with duct tape in the area of the face.

She could not determine the cause of death, however. The body was so decomposed she could not tell the cause, so she listed it as a homicide due to undetermined means.

She said the duct tape could have been used to kill the child if it was placed over the nose and mouth. She also said a sufficient amount of chloroform could have caused her death.

Garavaglia was quizzed by defense attorney Cheney Mason, who focused many of his questions on why Garavaglia ruled Caylee's death a homicide.

She said it was the "only logical conclusion...based on observational information we have about children dying in homicides."

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