Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fake Alligator Shooting: Police Shoots Garden Alligator Ornament

A fake alligator shooting police in Kansas, Missouri was merely a case of mistaken identity, turning out to be a garden ornament instead.

Police spokesman Tom Gentry said police officers in Independence, a Kansas City suburb responded to a call on Saturday evening regarding a large alligator on the prowl near a pond, prompting officers to unload on the reptile.

Police officer shot the alligator on the pond’s twice, but both times the bullets bounced back because the alligator was made of cement.

"It didn't move. They inched up closer and closer and discovered it was a mock-up of a real alligator made to look like it was real." Gentry told the Associated Press.

Gentry also acknowledged the incident is attracting a lot of attention.

"In hindsight, it's humorous," he said. "But we have to take every call seriously,” he said.

According to the property owner he had placed the fake alligator in the pond to scare children away from his property.

Bill Graham, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Conservation assured that there are no alligators lurking in the area.

There are no alligators around here, we are too far north, it’s too cold,” he told Reuters.

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