Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey Quade ever heard of an intentional walk?


 Listen, I know the rest of my friends have given up on the Cubs, and for good reason: the  Des Moines Cubs are playing better baseball than the Chicago Cubs. But its hard for me to just completely disregard baseball in the first week of June. So I may have been the only person who watched these games this weekend. And I got 2 kicks in the dick for my troubles.
  First Saturday in the 10th inning, with a runner on 3rd and 2 outs, Quade decides to pitch to Albert Pujols and he promptly hits a game winning walk off home run. Fast forward to Sunday and the 10th inning again, and low and behold Pujols does it again. Then he dances around the bases, like Jack Parkman in Major League II. He needs to be drilled the next time we see the Cardinals for those antics.
  But the person who needs to be drilled right now, is manager Mike Quade. He has been out-managed in several games I've watched this year. And while he isn't the sole reason we are 10 games back, he isn't helping things either. He needs to play the percentages more and stop letting his pitchers challenge the best bats in our opponents' lineup. He doesn't seem to understand that giving our arms a longer leash may not be the best approach.
  If he keeps this up, I'll eventually have to give up on the team as well. Which is a shame, becuase if I can't watch Soriano, Fukudome and Ramirez strike out with runners on all summer, what will I do with my spare time? I know for damn sure I'm not going to the beach, there's more poor people there than a Walmart in Detroit.

PS- Is it just me or does Quade resemble Mumm Ra from Thundercats? Just saying.

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