Sunday, June 12, 2011

I had an abortion two weeks before my wedding after falling pregnant to Ryan Giggs, says his sister-in-law Natasha

By Daily Mail

Betrayal: Natasha Giggs, 28, has revealed that she had an abortion after falling pregnant to Ryan Giggs - a few weeks before her wedding to his brother Rhodri

The sister-in-law of Ryan Giggs - with whom the Manchester United player had an eight-year affair - has revealed that she aborted his baby weeks before marrying his brother Rhodri.

Natasha Giggs was given £500 by the cheating footballer towards the cost of the abortion.

She said: 'Ryan told me straight off, ''You know there's only one option - a termination. We can't ruin everybody's life.

'I was due to fly out to Las Vegas to marry Rhodri within weeks and I knew I couldn't possibly marry him while I was pregnant with his brother's baby.

The 28-year-old told the News Of The World: 'Going through with the termination was horrendous. Even though I was with Rhodri and loved him, I had feelings for Ryan.'

She fell pregnant after she slept with the Premiership footballer at a friend's house following a night out in Manchester to celebrate Giggs scoring two penalties against Tottenham Hotspurs last April.

Married man: Ryan Giggs arrives with his wife of eight years, Stacey for Manchester United 2011 Player of the Year award at Old Trafford, shortly before details of his lurid affairs were revealed

They had carried out their affair, which began in 2003, the same year Giggs married wife Stacey Cooke, 32, in a string of hotels and worked it around the Premiership fixtures list.

The risky behaviour meant the pair were almost caught by their spouses and family and friends became suspicious about the nature of their relationship.

Natasha Giggs, a mother of two, had the termination at a clinic in Stockport on June 3.

Two weeks later she married Rhodri in Las Vegas. One of the guests was actor Will Mellor - also revealed to have had a one-night stand with the bride 11 years ago.

Gagged: Big Brother star Imogen Thomas was slapped with a super-injuction by Ryan Giggs as he tried to hush up their affair

The newly married couple then threw a belated reception in September for family and friends in Manchester. Ryan Giggs, 37, was not invited because of an ongoing feud with Rhodri.

Instead the footballer, who is estimated to be worth £34 million, went clubbing in London.

This was the night he met Big Brother star Imogen Thomas and began the affair which would ultimately lead to his family man image being shattered.

Giggs was named as the footballer who had taken out a super-injunction to silence the Welsh glamour model last month.

Happier times: Rhodri Giggs is said to be devastated to find out his brother Ryan and wife Natasha were having an affair for eight years

Close bond: Ryan Giggs with his brother Rhodri (left) growing up

The new revelations followed allegations that Ryan Giggs offered his brother £250,000 in hush money to avoid further details about his love life.

A friend of Rhodri's is reported to have claimed: 'The last thing Ryan wants is more sex secrets coming out.

'He's been through hell. He's not exactly rolling in cash, so £250,000 would be very useful.'

Meanwhile Rhodri is said to have contacted his wife for the first time since the revelations of her eight-year affair with his brother came out.

Shattered reputation: Giggs has made an estimated £34 million from a long career at Manchester United and massive sponsorship deals based on his 'family man' image

According to a friend of Natasha, he sent her a text message saying: 'I can’t believe this has happened.'

He had found out about the alleged affair with Ryan in a letter she left him last Saturday at their home in Bolton.

The mother-of-two is also said to have had flings with three other Manchester United players.

She is said to have slept with Dwight Yorke, Phil Bardsley and Danny Simpson when they were playing for the United side, it has been claimed by The Sun.

Ryan Giggs and his wife Stacey are thought to be at a private villa in Spain working out their issues.

She has allegedly agreed to stand by him on the condition he has therapy for 'sex addiction'.


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