Monday, June 20, 2011

Is Phil Humber the ace of the White Sox staff?

The simple answer is yes.

Philip Humber continued to dominate Sunday by allowing just two runs over 7 2/3 innings in a win over the D'backs. Humber is now on a five-game winning streak after striking out five and walking one. He has lasted at least seven innings in six straight starts and boasts a 0.98 WHIP on the season. He is now 7-3 with a 2.90 ERA in 13 starts. 

   Humber has by far been the best pitcher on the Sox this year. The next best is Mark Buerhle, who owns a 6-5 record with a 3.75 ERA. The rest of the starters all have an ERA over 4.00.
   The Sox are supposed to go back to a 6 man rotation when Jake Peavy returns this weekend. And while this isn't ideal, there is really no other choice. Peavy can't stay healthy pitching on 5 days rest, so there's no way he could be used in the bullpen. And the rest of the staff, Floyd, Danks and Jackson are legit big league starters. 
   The only way I see this situation getting resolved is by trade. Either Buerhle, or more likely Edwin Jackson will be dealt to the Yankees within the next month or so. The Sox would be wise to ask for some young arms for their bullpen in return.

P.S- I heard Ozzie was coming to the launch party this weekend. Kenny is a 'maybe attending'.

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