Thursday, June 9, 2011

KC High Schooler to pick between playing QB at Nebraska or playing for his hometown Royals Bubba Starling, from Gardner-Edgerton, a southwest suburb of the Kansas City area, is a bit of a local legend already at age 18. Yesterday, he was drafted by the Kansas City Royals as an outfielder with the 5th overall pick in the amateur draft. He’s more well known around these parts for his football exploits as an all around athlete at quarterback, where he has been one of the best high school football players in over a generation and was named as the Kansas City area player of the year. He committed to Nebraska to play quarterback last year.
  So now, he has the magical name (Bubba Starling sounds more distinct than Derek), and competing offers to play big time football at Nebraska or professional baseball for his hometown team. Which will he choose?

This one is easy bro...take the cash and play baseball. It worked for Joe Mauer and it certainly worked for Dave Winfield (who was drafted in the NBA, MLB and the NFL). There's less chance for injury in baseball and people actually get to see your face, which generally means more sponsorships if you are the real deal.

 Plus its Nebraska. Their hasn't been one successful NFL quarterback to come out of that program, ever. And now they have to play Iowa once a year. The new U. Just save yourself the embarrassment and just go play for the worst franchise in sports.

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