Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leave it to WVU

West Virginia is thinking of selling beer at the stadium to prevent pregaming and in turn binge drinking

We rely on our public safety folks to advise us, and they believe that there are two periods of binge drinking at our tailgates — one is pregame, when people quote-unquote get their buzz on, and then at halftime,” says [WVU athletic director Oliver] Luck, who admits his beer sales proposal may seem counterintuitive. “We can take care of halftime; we can’t really take care of pregame. And so we think that controlled sales will lead to folks feeling as though they don’t have to consume as much alcohol as possible” before entering the stadium

Ha, I would have loved to hear, in person, the athletic director say "get their buzz on."  Ya this should work perfectly cause college kids (the retards at west virginia no less) are going to pass on the basically free beer before the game to quietly sip on $6 beers at the stadium.  Hell, maybe they will even lift their pinkies as the do it.

-Les Anderson

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