Friday, June 10, 2011

The moment Nicolas Cage arrived on the scene to find his son Weston 'beaten to a pulp'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Bust-up over what to have for lunch ended in fight
Personal trainer punched star's son '13 times in face'
Battered musician held under mental health order after public outburst

Drama: Nicolas Cage speaks with a paramedic after arriving to The Farmer's Market eatery in Hollywood where his son Weston got involved in a fight

These photos capture the reactions of a frantic Nicolas Cage as he climbs into the back of an ambulance to tend to his severely beaten son.

The Oscar-winning actor raced to be by Weston's side after learning of the 20-year-old's apparent mental episode following a bust-up with his personal trainer.

The drama kicked off on Tuesday afternoon between Weston and Kevin Villegas at The Farmer's Kitchen in Hollywood.

According to, Weston freaked out at his trainer after being told he was not allowed to order a certain item from the menu.

Things then turned nasty with Weston apparently attempting to kick Villegas, before he retaliated by allegedly punching the heavy metal singer 13 times in the face, says the site.

The website reported that Weston, who is seen lying down in the back of the ambulance in these pictures, was beaten to a 'bloody pulp'.

I'm here, son: The Oscar-winning actor climbs into the ambulance to tend to Weston after he was allegedly punched in face 13 times by his personal trainer

Episode: The photo captures a partial view of Weston lying down with his boot and hand visible. He was taken to a mental facility following the incident

It was reported today that Weston is set to press charges against Villegas, who is now the subject of a police investigation.

But the website also reports that Weston, who was taken to hospital for a mental evaluation after the incident, is not entirely in the clear.

The LAPD is also investigating Weston after he allegedly incited the fight by attempting to kick Villegeas.

Pressing charges: Weston is said to be taking action against his personal trainer who allegedly beat him up

The black metal rock musician was taken to a Beverly Hills medical facility by ambulance afterwards where, it was reported, he was set to be subject to a 5150 psychiatric hold, source told TMZ.

The mental health order is made when a person is considered a danger to themselves of others.

Weston, who married LA based singer Nikki Williams in April, was 'freaking out' during the altercation, despite efforts of onlookers and his trainer to calm him down.

Scene of the incident: Crowds gather outside The Farmer's Kitchen in Hollywood

Police arrived and threatened to taser Weston if he didn't obey orders.

According to TMZ, police were so worried Weston was unstable, they ended up strapping him to a stretcher before he was taken to hospital for evaluation.

Another informed TMZ that Weston had an argument with his wife of six weeks which caused her to storm from the house.

Calm before the storm: Cage's son Weston with his bride Nikki on their wedding day six weeks ago in New Orleans

Sources told the website that Weston's father Nicolas later arrived at the hospital having cleared his schedule.

Meanwhile Weston's mother has accused Cage of 'abusing and traumatising' him as a child, new court documents reveal.

The papers were filed in Los Angeles just days before the incident.

Accusations: Meanwhile Weston's mother has accused Cage of 'abusing and traumatising' him as a child, new court documents reveal

Weston's mother, Christina Fulton, 43, claims in the papers that as a child the musician suffered poor mental health.

The document states: 'Since birth and early childhood Plaintiff and Defendant Cage's only son, Weston, has suffered from a number of mental, psychological, and physical ailments.'

The documents are the latest in an ongoing lawsuit filed by Fulton against Cage for fraud and breach of contract.

Fulton claims her Hollywood superstar ex broke an oral agreement that she was to be given a luxury home in return for giving up her singing and acting career to raise 'medically challenged' Weston.

Cage is no stranger to troubles of his own, having been charged on April 15 after a public fight in which he allegedly 'assaulted' his wife Alice Kim and was so intoxicated he didn't know where he lived.

The actor was charged with one count of domestic violence and one count of public drunkenness.

After his arrest Cage was released after $11,000 bail was posted.

Following his arrest, he carried on with filming new movie Medallion in New Orleans before attending Weston's wedding in the city.

The groom spruced up for the wedding, wearing a black tuxedo and white shirt, with his 22-year-old bride decked out in a short white mini dress.

Weston is Nicolas's son from his previous marriage to Christina Fulton and is the lead singer of black metal band Eyes Of Noctum.

He also appeared in the actor's film Lord of War as Vladimir, a young Ukrainian mechanic who quickly disarms a Mil Mi-24 helicopter.

Cage has created a comic book with his son Weston, called Voodoo Child, which is published by Virgin Comics.


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