Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ozzie Guillen's kid gets racial on Twitter

ESPN-Not long after the White Sox drafted Keenyn Walker, a speedy 6-foot-3, 190-pound outfielder, who also happens to be black, with their first pick in the MLB draft Monday, Oney Guillen fired off a Twitter message.
"Shocker the white sox pick another good athletic black kid," Oney's tweet read. "how about picking a good baseball player."

The original Twitter message sent by Oney Guillen has been interpreted as a shot at general manager Kenny Williams, who also is black. The White Sox drafted Williams' son, Kenny Williams Jr., in the sixth round in 2008 and drafted another black outfielder in the 2009 first round in Jared Mitchell.

Wow. This Oney bastard really shouldn't throw stones from his glass house, considering if his glass house came down 43 people would be homeless.

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