Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Subway Fight

Gothamist - Walking down the stairs to the subway platform there are lots of things that we are prepared to see. Spider-Man, that sad rat man, heck we even sort of expect to see something. But a full-on brawl in a subway car whose doors don’t seem to want to open? Not on our list. Until now. The caption on the below video, which was uploaded yesterday, says that this is “A fight that started over a seat on the train,” and if that is true it must have been some seat.

Guy got what he deserved, maybe next time he will give up his seat. Also, was it just me or did it look like there were more open seats than people on the train. But then again everyone has a favorite seat.

This video reminds me of joke... a gay, a mexican lady, and a black guy all walk into a train car...... the punchline is they all fucked Lebron's mom.

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