Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank You, Dallas

 To quote the great poets of Cali Swag, "I ain't from Dallas, but I do the D-Town boogie". Im really not sure how the Mavericks pulled of their late comeback against the Heat last night, but I know it felt fucking great to watch it. Miami had this game, and posssibly the series, in their back pocket with 7 minutes to play and a 15 point lead.
  But then Lebron started bricking fade away 3s, the same ones he made over and over against the Bulls. Meanwhile Dirk scored the last 9 points of the game, including a game winning lay up. This play reminded me of D Rose's decision not to drive to the hoop in the final seconds of Game 4, but lets not talk about that right now.
   Last night's game was very satisfying for the Heat haters out there. Their choking gives us some hope that they won't win it all. That maybe, just maybe, they can choke this whole series away. If the Mavs can win Game 3, they will be in the driver's seat. If they lose, Ill be back to being miserable.

ps-I wonder if D Wade is still holding is eye and begging for that foul call at the end of the game. These Heat players make soccer players look like tough guys. More complaining and flopping out of them, its such a God damn disgrace.

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