Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bet on which NCAA program will commit the next violation

   There are prop bets, and then there are prop bets over at Betus.com. Apparently, this online book has realized the value in these bets and have decided it’s time to keep up with the current state of college athletics.
   Now, Betus.com bettors can place wagers on which college football program they feel will commit a NCAA violation next. And that’s not all.
   You can also bet on which basketball team will be investigated next as well as which college football program will be investigated.-Yardbarker

  This is a juicy little prop bet, huh? The NCAA is out for blood these days taking down both USC and Ohio St. in recent years. These were two of the top 3 programs over the last decade. Its obvious that the NCAA is going after the big boys to send a message that the system needs to be cleaned up.  So you can probably narrow down the next school to commit a violation to four others: Alabama, Oregon, Texas, and Florida.

You can make a case for any of them. Nick Saban comes across as a guy who will do anything to win. But Nick is the smartest of the four coaches at these schools and smart people don't get caught. Oregon's relationship with Nike seems shady from the outside, but Nike has done everything by the book with them and has seen what violations have done to their biggest rival, USC.

So that leaves, Texas and Florida. Florida has a new coach and some think the pressures in Gainesville will make coaches have unethical practices. I would argue that you don't have to cheat to get players to go to the University of Florida. Its the best program in the best state for high school talent. If they don't get the top player at every position in the state, they get the #2 ranked player.

So my bet will go to Texas. Mac Brown is coming off a down year. He only has a couple years left in him as it is. One more championship for Mac would put him in the upper echelon of college coaches. It would seal his legacy at the biggest university in the country. So I wouldn't blame him for looking the other way on suspect recruiting practices or promises of new cars to players.Also, Texas has the biggest alumni association in college football. To me that means the odds of one of them acting up are greater than at the other schools. All these make this program ripe for a violation.

PS- If you're looking for a dark horse. Oklahoma St is nice pick. That Boone Pickens guy has more money than God, and a set morals similar to mine. You do the math.

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