Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do the Bulls have a chance at landing Dwight Howard?

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  There has been a lot of talk about Dwight Howard to the Bulls on local sports talk radio these days. And while I'm all for getting the leagues best big man and reigning Defensive Player of the Year, I'm not sure it is worth giving up Noah, Deng and Taj (no one wants Boozer or his contract). But its possible we would get back another shooter like JJ Reddick or free agent to be Jason Richardson(sign and trade), because contracts have to match in NBA trades. Of course the Magic would be wise to try to deal Gilbert Arenas' contract and his diminishing skills in any deal involving Howard.

 The negative to the trade is that the Bulls are the deepest team in the Eastern conference. They have a solid 10 man rotation and 8 of those 10 could be starters on other NBA teams. By trading away the entire front line it would leave our bench pretty thin. And our depth is one of the main reasons we won a league high 62 games last season.

  But if we can find a way to trade just 2 of these guys and throw in both 1st round picks then I would do it in a heartbeat. I know everyone loves Noah's hustle, and Deng's defense would definitely be missed. But Dwight Howard can defend the paint better than anyone. His presence alone keeps players from driving into the lane. Offensively, his low post moves continue to improve each year, and no one finishes around the rim better than Howard.

If Gar-Pax, did pull this move off without losing half the good players on this team, then we would have something special on our hands. It would be Shaq and Kobe all over again. We would have to be the favorites to win the East, especially if we can sign a decent free agent swingman.

Some other reports have Dwight and JJ going to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom. I would argue that Noah, Deng and 2 first round picks are a better deal for both the Magic and Dwight. Kobe is 33 and Pau Gasol is 31, so his window of winning titles would only be 2-3 years tops in LA. In Chicago, his window would be 10 years alongside D Rose. 

The only real question is whether or not Howard could learn to be Asik's side kick. The Turkish Delight plays second fiddle to no one in this town.

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