Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nelly is broke

Maybe, because this is coming from his ex-manager.  I am not sure how much weight you can put into this guy's tweets considering Nelly probably fired him and he owes Nelly money, but he would know whats up.  It would be impressive if Nelly was broke considering he sold 21 million albums and was billboards #3 artist of the decade. 

His ex manager is accusing him of spending all his cash on coke, steroids, gambling, and his girlfriend Ashanti.

I like how the guy threw steroids in there.  Even if Nelly was using a shit load of steroids how could that be bankrupting a millionaire.  Unless of course, you could suddenly start snorting steroids at night in hotel rooms with hookers, in which case working out is sounding a lot better.

-Les Anderson

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