Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ricky Rubio will finally play in NBA next season

Does anyone really think this scrawny Spaniard is a star. He averaged 6.5 pts and 3.8 minutes last year for his European Team. And granted he will only be 21 at the start of next season, but his game is more suited for pick up games at the rec center than the NBA. I mean if there is a Spanish And 1 team then he's my starting point guard hands down, but in the NBA he is no better than a Jose Calderon. He has no jumper, he is too slow to guard NBA point guards, and his pistol pete moves won't work against 6'7''-7'0'' front line players that have 40'' vertical jumps.

Also, apparently no one told Rubio that the league only has room for one over hyped white point guard each year and that Jimmer has that role on lock down. But enjoy losing 65 a games a year and Minneapolis winters bro. Congrats, I guess.

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